Bangin' Burritos

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Over the next four weeks, we’ll be trialling new food as part of our ever-expanding
menu. First up: burritos. For the omnivores among you, a pulled pork burrito; for our
vegetarian and vegan customers, a sweet potato and chickpea burrito. All burritos
are made with lettuce, Mexican rice with kidney beans and coriander, a generous
squeeze of lime, sour cream*, tangy salsa, freshly chopped tomatoes and pickled red
onion, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. What’s more, our burritos come with a portion
of seasoned fries or a side salad as standard. A word of warning, though: we only
have a limited run each night. 
Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Grab one while you can. 

*Order without sour cream to make your burrito 100% vegan.

So what's it going to be?